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Believe in better

Coaching has so many benefits but is often reserved for the top teams, mainly due to cost.

The Growing Coaches is on a mission to make coaching more widely accessible by opening up access to a coaching resource which was previously hidden.

By connecting coaches from the top university accredited courses with clients looking for low cost, high quality personal development support, we deliver amazing value as we support individuals to be more motivated, engaged and productive in their life and work.


Paul Emslie

Paul is a passionate believer in the transformational power of 1-1 coaching as well as the benefits of creating a coaching culture within organisations.

Paul was inspired to TGC while studying towards a PGDip in Coaching and Behavioural Change at Henley Business School in 2019. The platform launched in April 2020 and has facilitated over 500 coach-coachee connections since.

Paul works 1-1 with private clients at the founder/CEO, exec and exec-1 levels. He also helps design and deliver snr leadership development programmes.

Claudia Day

Claudia is a Henley alumni, having studied to MSc level in Coaching and Behavioural Change. Claudia joined The Growing Coaches in 2022 as Co-Founder.

Claudia is an EMCC accredited coach, is part of the leadership team for technology and innovation in coaching with the Association for Coaching (AC) and focuses her 1-1 practice on Back to Work coaching,

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