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Do you struggle with the notion of 'selling' yourself as a coach?

Do you put things in motion but then get stuck?

Does the thought of selling bring additional stress?

Are you struggling to consistently dedicate time to sales?

Do you need support in finding your sales processes? How to respond to no’s? How to ask for meetings?

Get support

Build skill, confidence, motivationand clarity around selling and come away with a set of practical approaches, tools and frameworks

Make Waves and My Coaching Place are here to support you

Support, coaching and a community

Build your sales identity

Build your EI and communication skills for sales

Understand what personal traits might get in your way

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Work on your sales process, practice it, implement it and get support


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Welcome to MCP

We look forward to supporting you on your journey
22 hours of online learning across 8 workshops
  1. Building Your Sales Identity:

    • Understand and shape your mindset towards sales.

    • Overcome imposter syndrome and build a cycle of self-confidence.

    • Embrace the values and beliefs of successful sellers.

    • Learn critical sales habits and behaviors.

    • Avoid the ten biggest mistakes that sellers commonly make.

  2. Understanding Personal Traits:

    • Identify how personal traits, especially under pressure or conflict, can impact your sales performance.

  3. Enhancing Emotional Intelligence and Communication:

    • Develop emotional intelligence to improve sales interactions.

    • Utilize the nine critical voices for effective communication.

    • Premium options include personalized sessions with VoicePrint 360 and ECR 360 assessments, and business development mentoring.

  4. Navigating the Sales Landscape:

    • Explore various sources of leads including networking, referrals, and social media marketing.

    • Understand your target audience and tailor your approach for different types of buyers.

    • Master the buying cycle and conduct successful chemistry meetings.

    • Address common coaching sales dilemmas and manage essential sales documents.

  5. Mastering the Sales Process:

    • Learn foundational concepts such as the sales continuum, funnel, and diamond.

    • Build an ideal customer profile and engage in consultative sales conversations.

    • Follow a structured 3 + 10 sales process, preparing essential elements and executing ten critical steps to close deals effectively.

Overall, this program equips you with the tools, strategies, and confidence needed to excel in sales, making you adept at navigating challenges and closing deals successfully.

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