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Connecting for Success at Every Step

We've been proud to facilitate over 600 connections, helping individuals and organizations reach their full potential. 

The most common format is offering coaching after a training to make sure the training gets transferred to the workplace. Others have also implemented programs as a tool for developing leadership, supporting transitions of high potential employees, career planning, and supporting minorities, among others.

We also provide support to charities and other organizations that are working to make a positive impact in the world. Our goal is to help people and organizations connect with coaches, grow, and succeed.

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1. Decide the program you would like to run. 

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2. Coachees Sign up, create a profile, press 'find me a coach' and our smart algorithm will suggest the best matches.

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3. They select from +200 coaches to work on their leadership, communication, etc. The process starts with an intro call and follows with the package selected. 

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4. Have tracking for participants of their progress

Why Coaching is so powerful

The 'aha' moments where the coachee suddenly sees or feels something new because they've discovered a fresh perspective.

The progress made by simply 'getting out of your own way' and the 'time to think' out loud in a safe and confidential space.

These are some of the magic moments which inspire positive change.

Various effectiveness studies show that coaching increases confidence and work performance in a sustainable way.

Client Partners

We obviously believe that we have something special to offer. But don't just take our word for it!

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Our Customers

"Working with the Growing Coaches was convenient, challenging & just the push I needed. During the coahching I created my personal definition of success whilst addressing key questions & challenges on my career path, focusing on where my passions lie and what motivates me. I can highly recommend The Growing Coaches"

Katharina Sutch

Director, Shopper & OmiChannel Activation, Lego Group

"I had a fantastic experience working with The Growing Coaches platform. I quickly and easily found an excellent coach who had relevant business experience and really grasped what we were trying to do as a business. He helped me think more deeply about what my personal definition of success was and the steps I needed to take get there. I would highly recommend The Growing Coaches platform for anyone looking to take their business or career to the next level."

Karrie Swift

Managing Director,

Love Public Speaking

"My experience was excellent. The matching process worked really well and my coach was a good fit. We focused on building my self-confidence in the early sessions, then looked at how I can develop my leadership style and better identify my strengths. My coach was great at structuring the sessions, asking incisive questions, and really pushing me to challenge my own thinking. The learning I took from the sessions continues to shape my thinking and my approach at work.:

Andy Leverton

Head of Business Planning and Improvement, Social Work England

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