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Thank your team by telling them how their strengths have benefited the team

Humans have a tendency to focus more on the bad than the good, this can help us learn. What this also means is we forget the good - test it now, think of positive feedback you received this year and then of negative feedback? which one came faster to you?

I was trying to remember positive feedback, and I could not think of many, whereas the negative feedback was very vivid. One positive feedback I thought of is - having a can do attitude, which can be a sign of strengths such as optimism or grit. Suzy Green suggested a game called the secret admirer - a tweak of this game for the holidays:

  • For thanksgiving, as a team leader you can thank your team members for a strength they have shown this year

  • For christmas - you can do a secret santa, each member gets a name of someone in their team, and they spot different strengths of this person. At the end they give them a paper with the strengths and examples of when they showed them, or even a small present that represents this strengths - e.g. joy character from inside out. Online you can find secret santa generators that are easy to use!

Image of all Strengths
VIA Strengths

This of course is not limited to the holidays and can be done at any point in the year.

By Claudia Day

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