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The Growing Coaches: Pathways to Confidence and Profitable Practice

  • 5Days
  • 15Steps


Focused on building confidence, the Pathways programme helps executives navigate the often challenging transition to becoming a coach. It provides tools, techniques, and support systems to make the journey smoother, more successful and more enjoyable. The Pathways programme provides a comprehensive roadmap for executives transitioning to coaching. It covers the skills needed, the mindset shift required, and the practical steps to establish oneself as a coach, including developing your personalised approach to client acquisition. The Pathways programme helps professionals redefine their career identity as they move from executive roles to coaching. It focuses on establishing a new professional coaching identity, understanding your personal style and preferences, building confidence & resilience, leveraging past experiences, and understanding how to become established in the ‘real world’ of executive and leadership coaching. Our program, "Crossing the Confidence Bridge," is designed to help you transition from the familiar safety of your successful career to the rewarding but uncertain world of coaching. We provide the tools, strategies, and support needed to build your confidence, embrace your new identity, and achieve coaching success.

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The Growing Coaches 2024

The Growing Coaches 2024

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