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Welcome to MCP

We look forward to supporting you on your journey. We have compiled some useful information here:
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Launched in 2020 to support coaches on the Henley programmes by matching and connecting them with coachees


1100+ registered users

350+ coaches

650 coach-coachee connections made

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Basic information for those who migrated from TGC

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Make yourself unavailable when on holiday

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What is the first step

You can send an introductory message to find a date for the chemistry call. After this, if you both decide to go ahead you can send the agreement that can be found under resources and schedule the first session. 

Who schedules the sessions

The coach schedules all session from the session module. There is also the option of scheduling the chemistry session and the sponsor engagement. 

How does it work when there is a sponsor involved

 As part of the engagement there would be three sessions with the sponsor

  1. Prior to the start of the engagement, to align on focus areas for the coaching and understand how to measure progress.

  2. In the middle of the engagement, so that you can facilitate feedback from the sponsor and for the coachee to share what they feel might be useful. It is also an opportunity to clarify focus areas for the second half of the assignment.

  3. At the end of the engagement, this way the sponsor can provide feedback and all parties can understand the next steps beyond the coaching assignment. 

Of course, coach-coachee confidentiality is protected at all times. It is the coachees responsibility to arrange the calls. If either coachee or his sponsor, want to do it differently, please let us know.

What happens if we want to change the length of the sessions

If you want to modify the engagement in any way, please contact

What happens after the engagement

After your last session, the engagement will automatically mark as completed, if your coachee mentions they want more coaching, pelase contact

Please not that for most engagements there is a sponsor in the organisation who manages this, and all aspects of the engagement (if it is probono, paid, etc) are transparent to the coachee, so please ask them to talk to us if they mention this during the coaching

Can I do the sessions outside the platform

For your personal coachees, you can add any link on the platform, for those that are through matching, please use the MCP zoom account

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